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Welcome to Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Based around North-West Brisbane. Our mobile teaching service covers surrounding suburbs of The Gap as well as a conveniently located semi-professional home studio. If you live outside the service area's online learning is a possibility as well.

We focus on creating personalized creative lessons that will teach you more than just how to read sheet music and play. My name is Zichxyna and I’m a qualified music teacher specializing in Piano, Singing and Drums. My goal is to give an individual music experience that is creative and keeps the student inspired for many years to come. Having played for nearly all of my life, performing, doing competitions and studied up to grade 8 piano going through many teachers I discovered something very important that I had missed from my own learning...


Why Creative Sounds?

Did you know most students stop playing after lessons? Within a year they may not even be able to play at all, even if they were a high grade most teachers only focus on learning to rote methods and reading sheet music.

Playing from it and memorization is usually the goal however the focus on exams or competitions, not playing to enjoy.  My desire is to teach the love of music and for you the student to be playing many years after lessons. Help you as a student have a full understanding of music, not just being able to memorise and read sheet music.

At Creative Sounds Music Lessons the focus is around Improvisation, Creative playing, Composition, Sight Reading, reading chord charts, jamming with other musicians and much more. I teach Kids 6 + all the way to seniors, I believe you are never too old to learn how to play music, especially for leisure and your own enjoyment.  We are also more than happy to work with kids with learning difficulites and help them succeed in taking steps forward and feel confident about themselves and focus on thier own abilities and strengths.

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Stacey Jones

Been learning piano for 5 months with my grand-daughter and never had so much fun learning! Creative methods that never get boring, even practice seems more fun!  Super friendly, passionate, professional, amazing with kids and inspirational!  Can't wait to see where the next lesson will take me every week!

Katy Wood

Being female finding a drum teacher was a bit intimidating so finding a female drum teacher was perfect. Can play to heaps of songs I've always wanted to but never thought I could, the slow creative teaching Zichxyna does really helps things 'click' easily!

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Josh Stewart

After singing here and there I thought I'd get some help but I wanted to create my own voice. Zichxyna really helped me open my voice, strengthen and find my own unique sound and alongside that my confidence to sing in front of people and one day perform!

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