Group Keyboard Lessons

Why group lessons?


Why group lessons?

Most of our education throughout our lives is done as a group......

From a young age to adults, in our society most of the education and learning we do is in groups. Aside for specialized tutoring or private lessons, from sports to theater to school we learn in groups. Although private lessons for music is amazing and is now the standard of learning an instrument, many important foundations for musicians are left out. This is even more so for piano/keyboard players as they rarely have a chance to play with other musicians.

This creates a viscous cycle or anxiety, nerves, unrealistic expectations for progress and self doubt. Learning alone is great but can also set up students to face these issues, and many struggle to get past them. This is why group lessons for a solo instrument is now becoming more popular for young learners than private lessons.

Lessons for everyone

Different programs for pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and adults!

We have very carefully selected curriculum and teaching methods to suit and cater to specific age groups and needs. For our little ones, making lessons exciting and fun alongside learning is something we value really highly in the learning process. Slow, repetitive but engaging lessons help the little ones really grasp musical ideas and build solid foundations for the future.

For older students from teenagers to adults we understand that independent learning is crucial as well as having that satisfaction playing your favorite songs. By this age the support of friend and family isn't what keeps you going, its your own passion and commitment. However with group lessons you have that extra support from your peers to really help you on your journey.

Having other people learning with you, really helps build confidence and helps you see everyone has weaknesses and strengths and that piano should be something that is approachable to all.


Flexible lessons

If weekly commitment is a concern our program is perfect for you and your family.

One of the biggest concerns especially adults have is commitment issues. Even with kids, its easy to get sick miss a lesson or two and then feel behind.

We've solved this issue with different methods depending on the program your following. For kid our program follows the amazing Keynotes music program, which focuses on repetition and fun interactive learning. Missing a lesson or two won't put your child behind, as each lesson focuses on what we learn then and there in that class. Some students may stay on a similar level for a few books, some may move on faster however they are constantly challenged no matter the pace they go at. The process of learning is the most important thing, not the outcome.

We have two time slots that you can freely choose. On top of that, we cap the lessons but also allow for makeup's or extra lessons for that week's content if needed. If even then you can't make the lesson, you will get a video recording of that weeks content! This way you can stay on track even with your busy schedule. Our program isn't very intensive as its best used along side your own independent learning. However if you wish to just follow our program and songs, that's will okay as the foundations you build are what's crucial. 

Pro's & Con's


  • Learn in a supportive group environment

  • Flexible learning

  • Online lessons

  • Great for any age group

  • Join whenever and feel included

  • Performance opportunities to peers

  • Affordable

  • No pressure to be perfect

  • Have fun

  • Learn valuable skills for the future

  • Make great friends to support you music path.

  • Slower but more challenging content


  • Best for beginner students

  • Repetitive but fresh content

  • Not great if you prefer very personalized learning

  • Week by Week lesson plans

  • Will eventually need a private teacher after a certain point

  • Online Lessons

  • New people might drop by time to time.

  • 30-40 minute lessons only which might not suit your schedule.

  • Most of the cons are personal preference !

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