What is learning support?

Not everyone goes the traditional route of learning 1 on 1 either in person or online. That's okay! Maybe you've been playing a while, had lessons for years but still want that extra support and motivation that a teacher gives you. Maybe you've been online going from video to video and you need help putting it all together? Maybe you've bought our recommended course Piano for all, but still need help or questions. Maybe your happy with your progress but just have a few small things you'd like to fix or overcome? Nothing is better than a personal touch to help you keep moving forward in your music.

There are many reasons why normal lessons don't suit some people, especially older students and adults. This is why we created our learning support program. There's different options to suit you with no lock-in commitment needed.

How does it work?

We have 3 packages available that have a monthly fee. This fee is much less than getting lessons weekly plus it has additional support. On top of email support, we offer mini 'lesson' over video directly addressing your personal problem. For example you might be struggling with a certain passage and unsure how to approach it. Sometimes text based help isn't enough and this is where videos come in. We record a short 3-5min lesson covering the problem in-depth and ideas how to approach and overcome. This saves your hours of 'bad' practice, and helps you reach your music goals faster. We also keep in touch with you regularly, like a teacher would to see how your progress is going. Each package has a number of video support included. Some packages also include online lessons, along side personalized video help.

All this is support is done by email, with lessons done on Skype by our professional experienced teachers. Its like having a personal music mentor. At this stage Piano and Singing is available for learning support. 




  • 24/7 Email support to answer questions

  • Fortnightly message to keep you motivated and on track

  • 3 support videos (within 24 hours)



  • 24/7 Email support to answer questions

  • Weekly message to keep you motivated and on track

  • 5 support videos (within 24 hours)

  • One 30 min online lesson ( per month)



  • 24/7 Email support to answer questions

  • Weekly message to keep you motivated and on track

  • 7 support videos (within 24 hours)

  • Two 20 min lessons (done fortnightly)

  • Daily emails for practice reminder 



Do I need to already have lessons with you to join?

No, you can sign up any time you want and we will go from where you are at!

Is this suited to beginners?

No, Ideally you know how to play just need help with the next steps. If you are a beginner but don't want normal lessons please check out the Piano for All program that we recommend as an alternative.

Do I need to already be signed up to a program?

No, as long as you have some basic knowledge our support system can help. However basic knowledge is recommended so we have a foundation to work with.

Is this a one time payment or subscription?

This is a monthly subscription plan that can be canceled at any time.

Can I upgrade or downgrade packages?

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade, before your next re-bill please message us and we can help you.

Can I share a subscription between friends/siblings?

Although there are no rules against this as you may share your email account so technically you can. However if you share the account, you won't be getting the full benefit of the service for yourself. This will affect you progress and your results may be limited.

How are lessons planned?

Lessons are planned after our first chat to make sure they are tailored to your exact needs. You need to enjoy the content, so playing what you want as a student is the best way to keep you inspired and motivated.

What styles is this good for?

Depending on your skill level any genre's and styles can benefit from this learning support system. Having an outside ear helps you improve faster and practice the 'right' things instead.

What if I can't explain my problem.

You can always send videos of your playing to help us understand the problem, you can send as many as you want. Sometimes its easier than explaining I have this problem in bar 27 and ect.

If you have any other questions please feel free to message us and we would be happy to help.


Anna M

As a beginner, I just wanted to do my own thing at my own pace. The support system helps you keep on track and gives you goals to practice.

Joel V

After years of playing, I got stuck playing the same things. With learning support it pushed me to explore different techniques and styles and I fell in love with playing again.

Sarah T

I don't have time or extra money to spend on weekly lessons. This system helps me practice, improve but also gives me the contact and guidance I used to get from 1-on-1 lessons.


If you still unsure if this is suited for you that's okay. Its a different system and might not work for everyone. But even trying it out for one month cost's the same as a Trial lesson in person. So you really have nothing to lose! Feel free to ask us any questions we are happy to help!

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