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My name is Zichxyna Mikol, I’m the owner of Creative Sounds Music Lessons. I wanted to get real and personal with you, so I apologize for the ‘unprofessional tone’ of this bio. However, I think really getting to know the real person is more important than someone’s awards list and achievements. Although having competed and graded for many years I feel like it is irrelevant to my teaching style, and who I am as a person and musician. 

 I’ve been playing piano since I was 5 years old, drums since 9 and singing all my life, but lessons from 12+.  In piano I had reached grade 8 by 15 however memorizing and perfecting classical pieces was the exact opposite of my nature and what I excelled at. The only reason I made it that far is because I met a teacher who didn’t use old school traditional methods and allowed me to be myself through music. I actually quit 3 times in my childhood until I met the right teacher.  To be honest I was a hyperactive child and was extremely difficult to teach using normal methods. My focus was all over the place, thus learning was something I didn’t like was extremely difficult, especially practicing the same 4-5 pieces all year for exams with previous teachers.  Although never diagnosed, heaps of people around my parents assumed I had ADHD as a child or something similar, but really I just had endless energy especially creative energy. 

The reason I’m mentioning this is because of all the teachers I’ve I only had 2 I can remember clearly who actually helped me learn and create music. Especially my piano teacher, she gave me the love of music by allowing my creative nature to come into lessons which helped me learn more about playing than ever before. Drums were the same, originally picked to play for the school band, I was only taught how to play off sheet music for years.

I never understood how people just play and jam to music they haven’t heard before, until I met another creative music teacher that actually taught me drums not just drills and exercises but how to apply them to music and how rhythm is relative and transferable. How to feel the music and most of all enjoy it and be a part of it. Singing was a very similar journey I had a terrible voice to start with (my own opinion of myself), I learnt this after going to eisteddfods and realizing how amazing other girls my age were. My self confidence wavered and I was extremely shy about anyone hearing me sing.

After learning all the right techniques it was only once I hit my late teens my voice flourished, sometimes people forget the voice is something that needs time to mature, and build on.

Learning early for technique and development is great but sometimes it still takes time and years. But I kept pushing, learning new techniques and now I’m comfortable and confident with my voice.   

After taking time away from music over the many years, I found myself back in love with it. Now as an adult thinking back to my time of learning, I realized its time I inspire someone, help someone, give back to the community of music as it has done to me. Music is somewhere I enjoy expressing my emotions, its something I like to give joy to others listening, take them into a far away place with me. Thus, Creative Sounds Music Lessons was born, to inspire, to create, to enjoy the wonderful gift that is music.  

My lessons focus on you, finding the best methods that work for you, and help build not just the technical side but your creative side. Music is a creative thing, however not always is it ‘allowed’ to be. My personal goal is to give you the foundations to play music for many years to come. Even if you take a break, stop lessons, maybe 5 years later? Not rely on memorizing repertoire that you’ll forget in a few months.

But sitting at a piano and playing for fun, years later and learning to build that skill back.  If you are interested in more than one instrument, I also do combined lessons half and half or even together at the same time. Like singing and piano together, Piano and drums, it's up to you.


Although my focus is on Kids 6+, I'm happy to take on adults and seniors as well. My teaching style is fresh, exciting, creative and friendly and is best suited to students who wish to learn for leisure, to jam, bands, and to perform.  I have some travel days within 15m of my location, but mainly teach out of my home studio located in The Gap.

First trail lesson is 50% off so book today!  

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