Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Have you ever wondered if you could learn to play piano or keyboard one day?

Have you been too scared as you think your too old, not musical enough, or just never had time? Our Creative Sounds Music Lessons may be exactly what you’re looking for!  

If you are looking to study piano as a hobby or leisure or see where it takes you, try out a lesson with Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Our focus is on teaching anyone who is willing to give it a go! From 6+ to 60+ Beginner to grade 6 level.

Our lessons aren’t focused on exams. Taking a new approach to learning, taking the stress out of exams is very helpful to build confidence and get you to a place where your comfortable with your playing. Teaching exams pieces is extremely useful to build techniques, learn to perform and enjoy to play but only focusing on the end goal of the exam and passing creates an unhealthy learning approach in the long run. The process of learning is more important than the outcome.

We teach all styles from classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, blues you name it. We specialize in improvisation techniques and composition techniques,  as well as interesting creative drills rather than just boring old scales. Our drills form the foundations to your playing and it will help you ‘get’ and ‘understand’ music and music theory.

Our goal is to give you the skills to keep forever learning and improving your piano even years after lessons. If you are a beginner or have been playing a while and stuck in a rut, try out a lesson with us! Trail lesson is 50% off ! Please have a minimum mid size keyboard to learn on. 


Singing and Vocal Coaching

Ever been told you have a great voice and to start singing lessons? Or ever been told your terrible please don’t sing?

Guess what everyone starts somewhere, the voice is like a diamond in the rough, it needs hard work and practice to be polished. Yes some people sound great without much practice, but they just have a natural feel to technique, nothing more nothing less. Without proper technique everyone sounds terrible we promise.  At Creative Sounds Music Lessons, we believe anyone can learn to sing, ANYONE.

For fun, to shine at karaoke, or even to perform one day we can help you sing comfortably, confidently, on pitch and most of all to have fun. Creative techniques to help you ‘figure’ your voice out, fix though vocals bumps, sing louder, lower and higher! Everyone’s voice works differently to some extent, some traditional methods may not bring out what you are truly capable of.

Our Creative thinking helps cater for your individual needs and bring that voice out.  We focus on adults, seniors and teens but also teach kids from 6 + years from beginner to intermediate. 

Our teaching will help you keep improving your voice for years to come after lessons, lessons are the first step but the learning never ends. Teaching all contemporary styles, from pop, rock, theater, jazz, blues and even metal! Find that confidence to sing and one day in front of people too! First trail lesson is 50% off! Book today!  


Drum Lessons

Have you got that itch to hit things? Or can't stop tapping along to songs in the car? Maybe drums is exactly what you need in your life!

If you ever wanted to play drums because it looks fun or have a anger problem and think drums might help you’ve come to the right place. Drums is something you feel, when you play you feel one with the music its a experience like no other and its something you’ll never forget. On top of that it can also be a great cardio work out!  With our creative learning techniques, we can teach you to hear a song, any genre and play along to it! You’ll surprise yourself! Although requiring years of practice to be a ‘expert’, beginner drums is something you can reach easier than you think! With our creative lessons jamming with a band and getting those fills to sound epic will come quicker than you think! Focusing on Adults, Seniors and Teens, we also teach kids from 6 + years. Book in today first lesson 50% off! If you don’t have a drum kit yet, we can provide a drum pad to start learning the basics. 


Lessons start at $40 for 30min, some discounts apply to families and groups. We have casual and monthly billing available.


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