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Do you think you suck at singing and will never be good? Think again!

I know a lot of people for straight up reject the idea of singing because someone once upon a time told them they suck and please don't sing again. They may sing in the shower but it never leaves there. I have a few people around me who I think would actually be amazing if they tried to learn properly.

Singing is so much more about technique and practice then most can ever imagine. I always think about the voice kind of like a muscle. Some people are just stronger naturally with less training some people have to work hard to get results but eventually hard work over takes natural ability and natural talent. Singing is the same, some people with out much training or practice sound great, in tune, nice tone, pleasant, loud, can sing in the car to the radio like you wouldn't believe.

However just like lifting weights and muscles, training can get you to that level and even better! Some times just like muscles they take time to develop. Most of the time they say you shouldn't lift weights till you've matured enough. Again, the voice is similar everyone's voice grows and develops at a different rate. Some parts may not show until later, this is especially true for male voices.

I used to hate my voice, started lessons on and off from when I was young. I especially disliked it when it came to my early teenage years doing competitions, I immediately saw the difference in skill and sound of girls in a similar age. Honestly I thought I sucked, I was defeated why don't I sound like everyone else at my age? My mum got me through and was super supportive. She had an amazing unique low timbre voice with amazing highs as well so much so experienced teachers really recommenced she do opera and kept pushing the idea. But being a teen back in the day and rebellious, rock and roll was the only way of course! The old tape recordings she had showed me what she could do and even with the terrible quality, and cold she had at the time it really inspired me. Her saying was always this, the voice is like a diamond in the rough. It needs to be polished over and over and eventually it will become something special. I reminded my self of this everyday, she helped support me and told me to keep going at least until my later teens as her voice also developed late.

Then one day the whole new voice just appeared, It was a new sensation I hadn't felt before and finally sounded like something that I had always wanted. Really I just learnt to belt but my voice was strong enough and had built up the right techniques to get there after years of practice. After that the real journey started.

I wanted to share this because when I tell people I honestly thought I was terrible at one point no one believes me. That even though the practice you are doing now might seem pointless and that you'll never get there, your building up your voice, learning correct techniques and strengthening those vocal chords. Eventually it will click and it'll all be worth it!

Your never too young or too old to learn how to sing. Everyone can learn and everyone has a unique voice and different vocal chords. If I gave up because I 'didn't sound like all the other girls' I wouldn't have learnt the joy of singing I have now.

If you live in the North-West Brisbane area and would like to try singing lessons feel free to message me! You'll be surprised what a few basic lessons can do :)

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