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New Year New me?

Everyone loves the new year new me crap, honestly half the time it really never works. However I find if you already have a goal in mind its a great time to set a day to start, the new year. I know so many people especially adults who want to learn music but keep putting it off. That's why at least having a starting point is really important!

The best way to keep your new years goal is to go easy. If you go ham in the first few days then you will get bored and burn out. Structuring your goal is best, especially for music.

Take it lesson by lesson and just enjoy the exploring and learning process. Even if in a few months you feel like you haven't gotten far just enjoy it! Eventually it'll all come together and suddenly you will surprise yourself with your progress.

I'm writing this because I've seen so many people want to start to play an instrument this year, so I hope that the slow progress of it won't make it feel like you've fail but instead enjoy the steps!

Creative sounds music lessons wishes you a great start to the year and an fantastic 2019!

Keep forever playing!

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