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Top Tips for Practicing Music at Home

Welcome to Creative Sounds Music Lessons blog! Here I will help every one with some tips and some struggles everyone may have as well as just general music stuff from me!

Everyone struggles to practice, I was a really great example in what not to do....

Being a hyperactive child I've learnt a lot from my days and now I want to help others.

I find that having a chill approach helped as long as I kept to my schedule and kept aiming for my goals. Stressing made me dislike practice and trying to 'perfect' everything straight away actually caused me more problems and mistakes. Having a step by step approach and patience really helped me reach my music goals.

1. Have a schedule.

Whatever your own personal goal may be if you practice daily or a couple of times a week. Having a time and day really helps keep it the same and consistent and you will see results. Always reward yourself and end practice with music you like to play, mess around and have fun! If you miss a time due to other commitments or things out of your hand try to make up for that time. However don't stress if you can't! As long as you keep to schedule missing practice once in a blue moon won't affect your progress in the long run.

2. Some days are easier than others.

Don't be too harsh on yourself if one day you don't do as well as the other day. I personally had a massive issue of 'over practice' in short periods of times. I found when I took a break from the song, a few ours or wait a day or two suddenly I played it right. Just because you can't get that part perfect now, doesn't mean your practice will go to waste. Be gentle with yourself. For me personally some days I focus better than others, on the days I can't focus as much I play things and drills that I don't need to focus as much on but still get my practice in.

3. Have a goal

Exams aren't for everyone, but having a goal is. Without a clear goal its very hard to keep motivated. Even if you don't do exams, grades are a great way to focus on your skill levels. If that's not your thing. why not have a song and a realistic time goal to learn it in. A great way to keep learning is record yourself, that creates the pressure of performing and is another great goal to have, is it good enough to show your friends and family?

4. Its okay to break up practice

Although there's a standard amount of practice you should be doing, I know personally my focus comes and goes and a short little breather helps. It might work better for you if you practice in short periods of time, play for 15 min, do something else than come back. It also helps you keep fresh and focused. But keep in mind some people do great with longer sessions, everyone is different find what works for you.

5. Have fun!

If you aren't having fun and aren't enjoying yourself what's the point? Yes practice can be boring and seem like a chore but everyone has a reason why they like to play. Always leave time for the things you like and enjoy! It might be your favorite song, sight reading, improvisation certain drills even! Keep reminding your self of the fun parts and why you play and practice otherwise it'll be difficult to progress.

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips! Don't forget I service the North-West Brisbane Region and teach, Piano, Singing and Drums. Feel free to contact me for a trail lesson at 50% off at your place today!

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